Bermuda Snorkeling

Bermuda Snorkeling
There’s a lot to say about Bermuda, whether you’re talking about its miles of breathtaking land and natural wonders or its shimmering blue waters surrounding the entire island. In those blue waters, resides over 200 square miles of coral reefs, underwater wonders that make up the environment of the many aquatic species living here—and the subject of your attention when you visit here.

Bermuda is comprised of about 138 named islands, with just six making up the mainland of the place: St. David’s Islands, St. George’s Island, Hamilton Island, Somerset Island, Boaz Island, and Ireland Island. The six main islands, and the other surrounding islands, are surrounded by waters that harbor incredible underwater flora, fauna and a penchant for… shipwrecks.


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Though, the best way to see just what lurks underneath Bermuda’s beautiful waters is the water activity of snorkeling. Snorkeling, in fact, is the best way to comfortably see anything underwater without cumbersome scuba equipment. There is plenty of aquatic life to see with just the aid of snorkel equipment, making snorkeling in Bermuda the perfect vacationing activity for anyone who enjoys water activities.

Why spend most of your time inside for your next Bermuda vacation? Heading out on a Bermuda snorkeling tour not only gets you out of the hotel, but places you in a great position to see the best of what Bermuda snorkeling has to offer.

Bermuda snorkeling at UberVida – Whole Day Dreaming

UberVida works hard to ensure that our guests don’t have to wait to see Bermuda’s aquatic flora, fauna and the various shipwrecks that lurk underneath its shimmering blue waters.

If you’re looking to go snorkeling in Bermuda with UberVida, try our Whole Day Dreaming service. Our Whole Day Dreaming tour provides a Full Day Adventure for the Adventurous traveler. Let us take you and your guests on a full day ride to Bermuda’s famous North Barrier Reef, where incredible sights await.

UberVida’s Whole Day Dreaming features plenty of on-board amenities, including all day catering, top of the line snorkeling gear and instruction, in addition to an open bar. If you want impeccable service, look no further. If you’re spending the Whole Day Dreaming with UberVida, expect only the best service possible.

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