Located north of the Caribbean, and set in the Atlantic Ocean, lies the Islands of Bermuda. These islands attract many tourists yearly because of its sun, pink beaches and beautiful crisp clear turquoise waters. Who can resist the warm weather and many attractions that Bermuda has to offer.

Even though Bermuda is usually referred to in the singular sense, it actually consists of almost 138 islands and inlets, with the islands running roughly 20.6 square miles in total. The Bermuda climate is subtropical, with hot and humid weather lasting from spring to fall, and chilly temperatures in the winter time of around 45 degrees at night. The history of the islands dates back to 1505, when it was first discovered by a Spanish sea captain, but it wasn’t until 1609 that Bermuda was first settled by English colonists. The Bermuda islands are one of the oldest territories of the United Kingdom.

The Bermuda Islands offer an abundance of attractions and activities for any age, making it a great vacation spot. The island itself is stunning, but the tropical waters are an attraction all on their own. Head out to go scuba diving, snorkeling, or a sun set dinner cruise. Rent a boat to go fishing, or enjoy the ocean wildlife when you take a glass bottomed boat tour. Go for a swim with the dolphins or take the afternoon to relax on a yacht. There is plenty to do in the water.

If you’re more interested in keeping dry on land, then you can enjoy golfing at one the many golf courses available, or enjoy dining at the many world class restaurants and bars. There are events to attend almost daily, including festivals and Bermuda’s Signature Events. Shop at the local art stores, farmers markets, and clothing stores. Relax at one of the many luxury spas and retreats on the islands, go sightseeing on a rented moped, or tour the island in the ferry. Take a trip to one of the island museums, forts and historic sites, like St. George’s, which is recognized for its historic heritage, or discover what the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo has to offer.

Plan your time in Bermuda, making sure to take in its breathtaking views, lush scenery, and beautiful wildlife.

Giant Turtle Swimming in Bermuda

View of a Beach in Bermuda

Arial View of Snorkelers in Bermuda

Bermuda Vacation Homes built in the ocean