Bermuda Christmas Boat Parade 2013

UberVida is SOLD OUT for the Bermuda Christmas Boat Parade Saturday Dec 7th. UberVida will be loading from 5:15 and departing at 6:00pm SHARP!!!!!! We will have a FULL bar available for purchase as well as Boiled/Mulled Wine, and HOT CHOCOLATE!! and if you get hungry we will have Curried Chicken and Rice available for Purchase!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone … Read More

Eastern Blue Cut Bermuda

The land mass of Bermuda is formed by a huge underwater volcano that rises up over 15000 feet from the ocean floor. The southern edge of the volcano rises above the ocean’s waves and forms Bermuda. On the Southern side the reef is less than a quarter mile away from the shore line but on the north side it extends … Read More

Little Sound Bermuda

The Little Sound in Bermuda lies at the south of the Great Sound, and is separated from it by two peninsulas which extend into the sound from Sandys Parish in the west and Warwick Parish in the east.

Paradise Lakes Bermuda

Paradise Lakes is part of Bermuda’s Great Sound, because the Great Sound is surrounded on all sides by the islands of Bermuda it creates a very smooth sailing atmosphere. The Lakes are surrounded by picturesque islands and are home to a variety of birds, turtles and other amazing marine life. Not to mention Million Dollar summer homes. Like many locations … Read More

Great Sound Bermuda

The Great Sound, located on the western side of Bermuda, it is surrounded on all sides by the islands of Bermuda this creates a very smooth sailing atmosphere and also forms a natural harbor. The Northeast side of the Great sound opens up to the Atlantic Ocean. This allows cruise ships that dock at the Hamilton cruise terminal to enter … Read More

Hamilton Bermuda

Hamilton Bermuda became a town in 1790 when the Bermuda Government set aside 145 acres for its future seat, and was officially incorporated in 1793 by an Act of Parliament. The Colony’s capital relocated to Hamilton from St. George’s in 1815 and became a city in 1897. The City has been at the political and military heart of Bermuda ever … Read More

Museums In Bermuda

Here is a list of Museums in Bermuda: Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo, Flatts, Smith’s (Aquarium, Natural History, Zoo) Bermuda Biological Station for Research, St. George’s (Marine, Science) Bermuda Maritime Museum, Ireland Island, Sandys (Historic House, Maritime, Military) Bermuda National Gallery (The), Hamilton (Art Museum) Bermuda National Trust Museum (The) at the Globe Hotel, St George (Preservation Organization, … Read More

Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo

Website: Address: 40 North Shore Road, Flatts Village 04 Bermuda Phone: (441) 293-2727 Visitor Policies: Quiet voices should be used in buildings and near animals. Feeding or teasing of animals is strictly forbidden. Please do not touch the glass or acrylic panels in the Aquarium. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The Bermuda … Read More

St. George’s Bermuda

St. George’s island was the first permanent English settlement on the islands of Bermuda. The island contains a parish of the same name, but was formally known as the Town of St. George. Originally St. George was Colony’s capital but relocated to Hamilton in 1815. Because it was the first settlement of the British it contains a wealth of history … Read More