Looking for a new and exciting way to host a charity event? Have you ever thought about inviting your guests for a day on a yacht? Embark upon a new way to host a charity event by hopping aboard the ÜberVida! Let your guests enjoy the beautiful waters of Bermuda while fundraising for a great cause!

One of the perks of hosting an event on the ÜberVida is the availability to customize your experience. From small to large groups, we can accommodate any event and turn it into an adventure. There are so many possibilities with ÜberVida, and the lure of Bermuda’s endlessly beautiful beaches will certainly draw in a crowd. Whether you are looking to have guests pay to have a day of adventure out on the sea, or want to offer a quiet dinner during sundown, your guests will feel truly gratified about contributing to your cause.

What are you waiting for? Book your upcoming charity event and set sail on the ÜberVida! We look forward to hearing more about your cause and ways we can help you draw more attention to your event!

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