Featured Royal Gazette Bermuda 2013

“She was by far the most fantastic thing I have ever found,” said Mr Owen, who owns Atlantic Mooring Maintenance with his 31-year-old brother Andrew.  Tomorrow they will relaunch her officially, under the name Ubervida. The brothers plan to use her as a charter and tour boat operation.  “It was so much work, but it is worth it because now it looks really gorgeous. We put wrap around wooden stairs in the front of the boat.  “It has been quite a learning experience but we are now pretty close to being master boat builders,” said Mr Owen. “She is really good in the water. She slides through really nicely.    The boat builders were introduced to the ocean by their father, Ernie Owen, who took them snorkelling from a very early age.  “Once, we went out to a protected marine area off Bermuda known as the Eastern Blue Cut with some of the dive operators back then,” said Mr Owen. “That was the best snorkelling we had ever seen.  “We had been practising for years on the shorelines. I was saying to my brother the other day, I think I got this boat because of that day.  “That was like the best day we ever had as a family.”  This summer, as part of their operation, they plan to take other people out to the same area, so they can see the beauty of Bermuda’s marine life in all its glory.

“We think it is Bermuda’s best wilderness,” said Mr Owen.

“We will be starting that in about a month. The idea we have is to do day trips from 10am to 3pm.  “There will be a full buffet on-board and snorkelling gear. Patrons can come out and enjoy a fantastic full day on the water.

“It won’t be rushed. People can suntan and go snorkelling and relax.

“The idea from the beginning was that we wanted to share our passion for the water with everyone.

“A lot of people have their own boats, but it is a lot of work to go boating. If they can come on our boat and have a great day on the water without having to work too hard it would be fantastic.

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