Museums In Bermuda

Here is a list of Museums in Bermuda:

  • Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo, Flatts, Smith’s (Aquarium, Natural History, Zoo)
  • Bermuda Biological Station for Research, St. George’s (Marine, Science)
  • Bermuda Maritime Museum, Ireland Island, Sandys (Historic House, Maritime, Military)
  • Bermuda National Gallery (The), Hamilton (Art Museum)
  • Bermuda National Trust Museum (The) at the Globe Hotel, St George (Preservation Organization, Historic Buiding, Bermudian History/Heritage)
  • Bermuda Perfumery and Gardens, Hamilton (Tropical Garden, & Perfume)
  • Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, Hamilton (Aquarium, Marine)
  • Botanical Gardens, Paget (Botanical Garden)
  • Camden House, Paget (Historic House)
  • Carriage Museum, St. George (Carriage Museum)
  • Featherbed Alley Printery, St. George (Printing)
  • Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Southampton (Lighthouse)
  • Museum of the Bermuda Historical Society/Bermuda Public Library, Hamilton (Bermudian History/Heritage)
  • Old Rectory (The), St. George (Historic House & Bermudian History/Heritage)
  • Palmetto House, Devonshire Parish, Devonshire (Bermudian History/Heritage)
  • Railway Museum and Curiosity Shop, Hamilton (Transportation: Railway)
  • Samaritan’s Lodge – Bermudian Heritage Museum, St. George (Historic House, Bermudian History/Heritage & Black History)
  • Springfield and The Gilbert Nature Reserve, Somerset (Historic House, Bermudian History/Heritage)
  • St. David’s Lighthouse, St. David (Lighthouse)
  • St. George’s Historical Society Museum, St. George (Bermudian History/Heritage & Military)
  • Town Hall, St. George (Bermudian History/Heritage)
  • Tucker House Museum, St. George (Bermudian History/Heritage, Historic House, Black History)
  • Verdmont House Museum, Smith’s (Bermudian History/Heritage, Historic House, Garden/Landscaping)
  • Waterville, Paget (Bermudian History/Heritage, Garden/Landscaping)

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