St. George’s Bermuda

Areial location of St. George's in Bermuda

St. George’s island was the first permanent English settlement on the islands of Bermuda. The island contains a parish of the same name, but was formally known as the Town of St. George. Originally St. George was Colony’s capital but relocated to Hamilton in 1815. Because it was the first settlement of the British it contains a wealth of history and has grown to become a historic center for Bermuda.

Listed below are the museums that can be found on St. George:

  • Bermuda Biological Station for Research
  • Bermuda National Trust Museum
  • Carriage Museum
  • Featherbed Alley Printery
  • Old Rectory
  • Samaritan’s Lodge – Bermudian Heritage Museum
  • St. George’s Historical Society Museum
  • Town Hall
  • Tucker House Museum

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